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The Pursuit of Musical


William Daghlian is a teacher with a strong long term point of view.  Always in the pursuit of musical excellence, he emphasizes gradual development and rigorous technical training.  His approach is to have no narrow method but to teach each student according to his or her specific potential, interest and personality.

Informed by a broad cultural knowledge and deep musical insight, Daghlian’s approach enriches the student’s connection to the music.  At the same time, his varied technical training develops the individual’s skills and natural qualities, helping students reach their fullest potential.

Daghlian guides his students to a high level of music making.  He imparts his knowledge of how to coax a singing tone from the instrument.  This plus a focus on rhythm, inner tension and energy, or what the Chinese call “qi”, teaches them the way to make music with every note.

In addition to individual lessons, Daghlian hosts a weekly formal performance class.  As an essential tool to building the stage experience, attendance to the class is required of all qualified students.

“Perfection is elusive, however, in attempting to achieve it one gets to be damn good!”
William Daghlian