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artist: Charles Kitcher
title: Schubert:  “Wanderer” Fantasy & other Piano Works
date: March 2003, CD released in 2004
sample: Camargo Guarnieri:  Ponteio No. 49

This recording was made when Kitcher was 21 years old. It began as part of a senior thesis completed in 2003 at Columbia College and was made possible by grants from the office of the Dean and the Columbia music performance program.

Music by Gluck-Scambati, Schubert, Debussy, Santoro, Camargo Guarnieri.

“Another student of the distinguished Brazilian pianist William Daghlian, Charles Kitcher presents a handsome program which includes a wonderfully virile yet sensitive, intelligent account of Schubert’s “Wanderer” Fantasy.  Kitcher’s interpretation of Camargo Guarnieri’s Ponteio No. 49, is arguably the best performance available on record.”
Brazilian American Cultural Institute, Summer 2005